About ACT-W

Advancing the Careers of Technical Women

ACT-W events and conferences answer the growing demand for spaces where professionals and technologists of all genders can network, grow their skills, and discover great employers.

Presented by ChickTech, the nation’s leading nonprofit in growing and retaining people of marginalized genders in technology, ACT-W events and conferences bring together talented tech women, non-binary people, and allies, from beginning programmers to senior developers, to C-suite executives and YOU!

What makes ACT-W unique is our focus on community and supporting women and non-binary folks throughout the cycles of their tech careers. With an emphasis on inclusion, we welcome people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. Regardless of your technical prowess, you’ll come away from ACT-W feeling inspired and ready to take on the next step in your career.

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ACT-W Conferences

ACT-W Conferences are packed with engaging programming and attendees participate in groundbreaking sessions, training workshops, networking opportunities, career and community fair and happy hours designed to build leadership, career advancement, and technical skills.

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Webinars & Events

From technical skills workshops to leadership talks and networking events, ACT-W has you covered. The majority of our online events are free, and all are open to people of any genders and background. Join us to learn new skills and make connections!

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ACT-W Memberships

Our online membership community is tailored toward individuals in all stages of their professional careers. Whether you’re just starting out in tech or you’re a tech veteran, an ACT-W Membership has something to offer! Join with us to connect with our community of professionals of all genders advancing their careers in tech.

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Our Community

We believe that fostering a safe, supportive, diverse community is crucial in our work fighting for gender equality in tech. In tech’s rapidly growing landscape, it is critical that all people are included, regardless of their gender identity.

As ChickTech and ACT-W work to create a movement that includes all people, diversity, equity, and inclusivity are extremely important. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for our staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure that ACT-W events and conferences feel safe and positive for all. This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our community, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior.

Attendee Job Roles

  • Programmer/Engineer/Developer
  • Student
  • Customer Service/Support
  • Marketing/Sales
  • UX/Designer
  • Non-Technical Role
  • DevOps/Optimization Infrastructure
  • HR/Recruiting

Years of Experience

Powered by ChickTech

ACT-W events and conferences are powered by ChickTech, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering diversity in the technology workforce and increasing the number of female and non-binary adults and youth pursuing tech-based careers.

ChickTech envisions a safe, inclusive, and innovative technology future that includes equal pay, participation, and treatment of women and non-binary people.

When you engage with ACT-W, you invest in the future of tech. All proceeds from ACT-W events and conferences help ChickTech provide free STEM education for high school girls and non-binary students across the nation, and spread ChickTech’s reach in creating a culture of inclusion for all.

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