About our Sliding Scale

ChickTech believes that the ACT-W Conference should be a resource for every woman and non-binary person in tech, regardless of income level. That’s why we’re offering sliding-scale tickets—so that every person who wants to attend can have access to our conference’s high-quality workshops and supportive multigenerational community. All ticket levels receive the same access to conference programming and events.

ACT-W Conference Ticket Options

Students & low-income
Corporate & high-income

We understand that our lowest ticket tier of $35 may still not work for some people, which is why we offer scholarships that cover the full cost of a ticket, thanks to our incredible sponsors and donors. In 2021, we were able to provide a scholarship to everyone who needed one (about 70 total)!

At-cost tickets are $65, which is the amount needed for ChickTech to cover the cost of the event per participant. Paying more means helping to sustain future conferences and increase access to this year’s conference for others. Paying less gives the greater technology community an opportunity to lift up others to support them in reaching their goals.

Not sure what level to choose? Check out our helpful guide to navigating our sliding scale options:

When should I consider paying less?

  • I have significant debt or expenses (such as medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance, immigration-related expenses, or student loans/expenses) that prevent me from meeting my basic needs
  • I support children or other dependents and have limited financial resources
  • I am a student, unemployed/underemployed, or retired and have limited financial resources
  • I have been denied work due to incarceration history
  • I am an unpaid community organizer or advocate

When should I consider paying more?

  • My company is paying for my ticket
  • I earn more than enough to pay my bills and contribute to savings or investments
  • I have a relatively high degree of earning power due to my education or background
  • I work part-time or do not work by choice
  • I have access to family/external financial support and resources in times of need

Our sliding scale is a tool to help us keep the conference accessible to all while also inviting each of us to think about our individual privileges and financial resources. That being said, please don’t stress about it—pay what feels right to you.

Questions or concerns? Please reach out here.