ACT-W 2022 Promotional Toolkit

August 30 - September 1, 2022

Help us spread the world about ACT-W 2022: Boosting Tech with Diversity, powered by ChickTech. For nearly a decade, ACT-W Conferences have provided a pillar of support and learning for technologists and tech industry professionals. We invite people of all genders, backgrounds, and levels of tech experience to attend.

Media & Press Inquiries

Contact Dani Gehm, ChickTech Marketing Manager – [email protected]

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Conference Hashtags: #ACTW #ACTW2022 #BoostingTechwithDiversity

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Spread the word – general:

  • Women belong in tech. 💪 That’s why #ACW2022 is so essential—this conference provides a space for connection, collaboration, and career advancement for women, non-binary folks, and allies in tech. Get your tix for #ACTW, powered by @chicktechorg → #BoostingTechwithDiversity


Spread the word – Scholarships:

  • Tech conferences don’t have to break your bank. Apply for an #ACTW2022 scholarship today! #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • Meet fellow technologists who GET IT. #ACTW2022 is centered around diversity in tech. Apply for a scholarship to join our community of support! #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • Build your network—apply for an #ACTW2022 scholarship to get access to our community of support, interactive workshops, and much more! Apply today: #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • Apply for the opportunity of a lifetime! #ACTW2022 Scholarship applications are now open. #BoostingTechwithDiversity


For Speakers:

  • I’m thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at this summer’s virtual #ACTW Conference! Join me on [DATE] for a webinar on [TOPIC]. Powered by @chicktechorg, this conference is the perfect opportunity for learning, growing and connecting with other folks in tech. I can’t wait to see you there! Get your tix: #ACTW2022 #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • Interested in [TOPIC]? I’ll be leading a [WORKSHOP/COACHING SESSION/OTHER] on [DATE] at #ACTW2022, powered by @chicktechorg! I cannot wait to connect with all of you! #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • # ACTW2022 is a conference all about supporting women & non-binary folks in tech careers. That’s why I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at ACT-W, powered by @chicktechorg! Join me on [DATE], and learn about [TOPIC]. Learn more & register → #BoostingTechwithDiversity


For Sponsors:

  • We can’t wait for #ACTW2022, powered by @chicktechorg! [COMPANY] is proud to sponsor one of the largest diversity in tech conferences in the country. Will you join us at this career-boosting conference online, Aug 1 – Sept 1? Learn more & register → #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • No matter who you are, you belong in tech. [COMPANY NAME] believes that diversity makes the technology industry stronger. That’s why we’re sponsoring #ACTW2022 powered by @chicktechorg. Get your tix: #BoostingTechwithDiversity
  • Join us this summer for #ACTW2022, a multi-day virtual conference powered by @chicktechorg featuring keynote speakers, interactive sessions, one-on-one coaching, and more. Learn more & register → #BoostingTechwithDiversity

Flyers & Printables

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