Growth Mindset in Tech

Learn about how to develop a growth mindset and apply it to the technology field with expert Dr. Kendra Coates.


No More Panic Buttons: “All In” for Responsible Technology Design

Giving back by using your tech skills and knowledge for good is admirable. But when hackathons, codefests, and well-intentioned projects don't invite in the people affected by the problem you're trying to solve, your efforts can go astray. Learn why partnering with users and communities from the start is crucial to using tech for good, and develop your own sample plan!


Pivoting to Data Careers | Panel Discussion with DISQO

DISQO & ChickTech are excited to announce their upcoming event Pivoting to Data Careers: Insights From DISQO. If you’re interested in a career move to the exciting and fast-growing world of data and tech, then this event is for you!

From Imposter to Empowered

Do you often feel like you're "faking it" or a fraud? In this workshop, you'll learn your Imposter Syndrome "type," how to recognize your Inner Critic, and more.


ACT-W 2021 Pre-Conference Networking on Virbela

Learn more about ACT-W 2021, chat and network with people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds who are interested in ACT-W, and meet the ChickTech team in advance of this year's conference on Virbela, a virtual world that creates the deeply social spaces people miss when working from home, learning online, or attending virtual events.

Identity in Technology: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Women at Disney

The Walt Disney Company kicks off Pride Month by welcoming the ChickTech community for an intersectional celebration of women in technology. At Disney, we are uniquely positioned to amplify and celebrate the voices of LGBTQ+ employees, technologists, and creators in order to increase representation, encourage engagement, and combat stereotypes and bias.

ACT-W: Advancing the Careers of Technical Womxn on Learn TV

Presented by ChickTech, ACT-W 2021 is an action-packed conference where talented womxn and allies can build skills, grow their community, and accelerate their career path. All proceeds from the conference go towards ChickTech's programs and we encourage you to visit act-w.org to learn more! Join us on Learn TV to discuss the conference and dive deeper with the ACT-W speakers and Microsoft Advocates.

9:00 AM PT · Introductions with April Dunnam
9:05 AM PT · Predictive Maintenance Use Cases with Sarah Ewing & Cassie Breviu
9:30 AM PT · Using Power BI to Bring Your Data to Life with April Dunnam & Banu Raman
10:00 AM PT · Microservices Architecture Explained for Everyone with Monica Tamboli & Matt Soucoup
10:25 AM PT · Resources and Open Discussion

ACT-W 2021 Rewind

Join us for a Conference Rewind where you get the opportunity to dive deeper into some of our favorite sessions from the 2021 ACT-W Conference! Register for free here! Rewind Schedule & Sessions 10:00am - 10:10am Welcome to ACT-W 2021 […]