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ACT-W: Austin

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ACT-W: Austin 2017 – Expanding Tech through Diversity
AUGUST 5TH – 6TH, 2017
HomeAway Domain – Austin, TX

Sponsored by HomeAway, ACT-W: Austin 2017 featured hands-on workshops, panels, motivating presentations, a Career Fair, and tons of networking time to connect with our diverse, growing community.

Past Sessions and Workshops

  • Using Design Thinking to Improve Customer Experience
  • The Tools You Have Will Help You Succeed
  • The Power Behind Personal Branding
  • Building a Design System: Where to Start and Key
  • Integrating the World of APIs with NodeJS
  • Intro to Positive Leadership and Flourishing
  • Everything I Learned About Navigating My Career,
    I Learned From Female Superheroes
  • User Experience and Design Panel
  • Intro to Docker
  • You Are The Tech Influence You Were Waiting For
  • Mind the Confidence Gap: Tales from the Trenches of
    Engineering While Female
  • Being An Effective Tech Leader without a Technical
  • Building a Diversity & Inclusion Team from the Bottom Up
  • Designing, Architecting and Building Teams for Disruptive Technologies
  • From Singing to Engineering: How Learning to Code
    Changed My Life
  • Preparing for Jobs of the Future
  • Webhosting: Your Files on Someone Else’s Computer
  • Entrepreneurship as a Freelancer
  • Infrastructure as Code: Redefining Systems Management
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Creating your First React App
  • Personal Finance for Women in Tech
  • Challenging The Status Quo
  • Securing Your Most Precious Asset – Data

  • Storytelling for Entrepreneurs
  • Diversity Begets Diversity
  • Finding Your Gimmick
  • Functional Finance for Freelancing + Beyond
  • Maximizing Your Impact in Social Entrepreneurship>
  • How Community Can Help You More Than You Give
  • Winning Together
  • Making Everyone Welcome: Codes of Conduct in Open Source Communities
  • Dressing Professionally in Austin, Texas
  • Breakthrough with LinkedIn
  • Managing the Four Patterns of Gender Bias
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Application
  • Women Tech Education
  • Mid-level Careers and Changing Careers: How to Handle the Change
  • The Pleasures and Perils of a Programming Polyglot
  • Why Women Should Always Wear a Bun, and More Discussion on Sexuality in Tech
  • DevOps vs Raids: How DevOps is like an MMO
  • Effective Email Communication Strategies
  • Assemble Your X Team
  • Far from Hype: The Power of Immersive Experiences with VR
  • Tech Impact on a Developing Queer Youth Identity
  • Teacher to Blogger in 2 Years
  • Iron Sights For Your Data
  • Getting In: Transitioning Into a Career In Tech
  • How to Keep Learning
  • This is Your Brain on Unconscious Bias
  • When to Change Jobs
  • Create the Future. Drive the Change. Lead the Way!
  • 12 Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Audiences: Public Speaking as a Developer
  • Finding Passion for Data through Fandoms
  • Use Design Thinking to Help Land your Next Job
  • Five Keys to Stress Reduction for Enhanced Performance and Better Communication

Past Speakers

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