ACT-W Speaker FAQs

We hope our FAQs answer some of your questions about speaking on our platforms. If you have other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out by using the contact form below, or by emailing us at [email protected]. Ready to become a speaker? Apply here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of speaking engagements are available?

We currently offer speaking opportunities through all three of our ACT-W programs. You can apply to speak for the next upcoming ACT-W Conference, or as a stand-alone ACT-W+ or ACT-W: Connect event. You can learn more about the differences between our programs here.

Will my presentation be live or pre-recorded?

As a speaker, you can choose between doing a live webinar or producing a pre-recorded video. Live webinars give you the opportunity to connect with attendees in real time, answer questions that may come up, or provide space for discussions. A ChickTech staff member will be present for all live webinars to help navigate and operate logistics in real time. Pre-recorded videos can be made on your time, whenever and however it is convenient for you.

Will the webinar be repeated? Can viewers watch it at a later time?

All ACT-W webinars and sessions are recorded and stored in the ACT-W+ on-demand video library for future viewings. Non-members may purchase webinars for a small fee; all current ACT-W+ members can view all videos on-demand at any time.

Who is in the ACT-W and ChickTech community? Who will be in the audience for my webinar?

The ChickTech community is comprised of students and professionals of all genders, ages, and technical skill-sets. Our programs focus on the needs of female-identifying and non-binary individuals, but we welcome allies of all genders into our community as we fight to create more opportunities and empowerment in the technology industry.

The audience size for our events range widely depending on the format, content, and date/time. In general, you can expect anywhere from 10 to 100 participants at your session. We are happy to provide registration numbers to you leading up to (and after) your event upon request.

Will viewers be able to ask live questions during my session?

This is up to you as the guest speaker. There are a few different options that you can select from. If you decide to have a formal Q&A portion, the audience can address their questions through a chat function or by un-muting themselves at that time. You can also choose to take questions throughout the presentation.

Will I need to share my slides with the audience?

This is up to you. If you choose to share your screen or presentation throughout your talk, your screen will be visible and included in the recorded video. If you’re willing to provide your slides separately for participants to download, that is more than welcome!

What days and times are available for me to speak?

This depends on the format of your session and which ACT-W program you would like to speak at. For all sessions, we require events to be scheduled least a month in advance to ensure our community members can plan to attend.

We will provide suggested days and times for you to choose from if you would like to do a live webinar through any of our programs. Scheduling for ACT-W+ and ACT-W: Connect is flexible, and sessions can be scheduled in the daytime or evening. ACT-W Conference sessions follow a more rigid schedule, and must be presented during the days of the conference.

Recorded talks or presentations can be posted onto our platform at any time.

Can I do a practice run?

Yes—we encourage this! Once a date and time is selected, a Zoom link will be provided to you. From there, you are free to test it and do a practice run at any time prior to the scheduled meeting.

We also ask that live presenters jump onto the Zoom link about 15-20 minutes before the scheduled live webinar to ensure everything is working properly.

What software/equipment will I need?

You will need a device that can download the Zoom Video Conferencing software. This will require internet access, speakers, webcam, and a mic. We recommend a laptop/desktop computer. A tablet or smart phone will also work, but the screen sharing feature (to share presentation slides) may not be available.

What topics can I speak about?

We would like you to speak on a topic that you feel you are an expert on, and are proud to offer a well-rounded selection of content to our community.

Our content falls into a few categories: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Leadership, Career Development, and Technical Skills. If you have any other ideas, we would be more than happy to hear them!

What are the legal implications in terms of intellectual property?

At ChickTech, we strongly believe that you own your recorded content, and can request to withdraw it from the ACT-W+ membership platform on-demand library by emailing [email protected] with a 30 day notice.

As part of the speaker agreement, you must agree to not copy or modify in whole or in part, the material or branding of the ChickTech and ACT-W programming and not rent, lease, distribute, sell, or create any derivative works of ChickTech-owned material, beyond your recorded talk.

Information shared during your talk will stay yours and will not be shared by ChickTech beyond the ACT-W+ membership platform on-demand library without your written approval and consent.

All session recordings will include a watermark to prevent redistribution. Additionally, our members must agree to our terms of use which includes agreeing to not copy, modify, distribute or sell ACT-W+ content in part or whole.

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